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General Computer Solutions is expert in software development area for long time.

We have many case study for many customer 

-MariaDB Developing

-MySQL Developing

-MS SQL Developing


Autocad 2011(3D) release with high performance to improve your graphic ability help you  to achive design job.

Microsoft  Office 2011 Standard/Pro  Open License   13,200 THB/License at Lease 5 Licenses

Microsoft  Windows 7 Pro  Open License 


Autocad 2011(3D)



Autocad 2011 Price
190,000 THB


Autocad Upgrade

Upgrade from 2008 to 2011

86,000 THB
Upgrade from 2008 -2010 LT to 2011LT 40,000 THB


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Sale  Price
WindowsSvr Std 2012 x64 ENG DVD 1-4CPU 5Clt
27,000 THB


Microsoft Windows 7 Pro
Microsoft Windows 7  Sale  Price
Windows 8 x64 ENG DVD 4,000 THB

Where to buy these software in Bangkok ,Thailand:Call 081-8273787  international (speak english)  






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